Proper Cäk Care

We may be a funny group that loves to talk about our cäk (pronounced like rack, sack, or jack), but these kitchen grade stainless steel tumblers are NO JOKE.   Our cups are double-walled, insulated, vacuum-sealed and super tough.  They keep your cold drinks cold without getting sweaty and hot drinks hot without over-heating your hand… and blah, blah.   Our cäk is built for all kinds of indoor and outdoor fun like Netflix and chillin, cocktail parties,  tailgating, boating or power lounging on the dock.   With proper cak-care, you will be rewarded with years of enjoyment because just like you, we like to Hang Hard.

Just like all premium high-quality products, a level of care needs to be adopted for long term enjoyment and durability. We suggest following the cak-care instructions listed below.

Don’t put your cäk in the dishwasher. It will damage the powder coated finish and reduce the insulation effectiveness. Plus, everyone knows that handwashing is more fun!
Soap and water only
Use only soap and water for cleaning. If you are cleaning your cäk for more than a minute, that means you are just playing with it.  Just like the cäk, wash your balls in warm soapy water.  Make sure you pat them dry before refreezing them for future use.
Slippery when wet
Be careful when washing your cäk, it is slippery when wet!
No microwave
Unless you have one of those high $$ convection microwaves, we don’t encourage microwaving your cäk.
Do not use as a stepping stool
Don’t use your cäk as a chair or stepping stool. It can handle the pressure, but we don’t want you to get hurt.
cak-care at the gym
Be careful when taking your cäk to a gym. Exercising with your cäk in your hand has inherent risks.
Balls are possible choking hazard
At 1.51 inches, your reusable blue ice balls are not classified as a US choking hazard. But, we feel inclined to say it anyway. The blue ball is NOT a toy and you should not let your kids, pets, or curious friends chew on them. Seriously!

If you have another helpful hint to add in the form of a Witty One Liner,  Let’s hear it!

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