Witty one liners

Our team is full of ’em, one liners that play off our silly name.

We believe you can think up some witty one liners too. Share them with us on the form below!

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One Liners

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When you get a cäk, you won't go back - Mark
my cäk likes cool balls! - Christine
my wife maintains my cäk blue balls. - Levi
not too close to my cäk! - Matt
Hey, ask me about my cak - Nathan
My cäk last longer than yours :P - Brii
What does your cäk stand for? - John
a cäk that won't cheat! - Brittany
This cäk belongs to my wife. - John
Don't touch my cäk! - Steph
A cäk you can finally be proud of! - Ryan
Of course you can use my cäk, just clean it when you're done. - Mark
I carry my cak in my right hand. - Adam
My cak always stays cool! - Adam
My cak is the life of the party. - Adam
Chilln' like a villian, no, like a cäk. - Audrey
What do you think of my cäk?" - Mike
Cute YETI. Would you like to see my cäk? - Jamey
YETI? People have actually seen my cäk! - Jamey
They say that I'm too cäky... - Darius
Cold balls make a happy cäk! - Ian
Please don't steal our balls, nobody likes ball shrinkage. cäk CFO
Walk softly and drink out of a big cäk. - Shay
I Love my Big Black Cäk - Scott
A 30 oz tumbler, because size MATTERS - Alan
I'm the cäk of the walk - Jeff
not your average cäk - Jeff
You can't play ball without a cäk cup - Jeff
HANG HARD. - Blaine
Handwashing is more fun. - Tim
Räk out with your cäk out. - Jordan
Don't sweat it... your cäk won't either. - Blaine
My cäk is no joke. - Steve
So, a guy walks into a bar and puts his cäk on the counter... - Steve
Go nuts with your cäk. - Mark
Don't be ricäkulous. - Frankie
Love thy cäk. - Bill
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